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Spay/Neuter and Vaccinate a Street Dog in India

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Despite some of the strictest animal welfare laws in the world, thanks to its ancient spiritual philosophy of ahimsa (non-harming), India teems with animals on its streets, particularly dogs. With each litter born on the streets, canine overpopulation worsens, leading to malnutrition, untreated injuries, and the spread of disease, especially rabies.

Vishaka Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (VSPCA) works to reduce the overpopulation of street dogs. In cooperation with the local government, VSPCA vaccinates against rabies and spays or neuters loose dogs. VSPCA's veterinarians use sterile techniques, pre- and post-operation pain control, and gas anesthesia when possible.

Unlike pet dogs which owners bring in and take home after the operation, street dogs need to be humanely caught and kept for several days while they heal from their surgery, then brought back to the same place for release. This is a very specific practice that has to be done absolutely right -- dogs haphazardly released into the wrong neighborhood can be killed by other resident dogs.

VSPCA's program is one of the most advanced in India, and sterilizes an average of 40 dogs a day when operated by four veterinarians. All these dogs are vaccinated against rabies, and their ears are notched for identification and protection.

VSPCA is a growing and struggling operation that also provides emergency animal care and shelter. No other similar services for injured street animals exist in the area.

You can help VSPCA in its vital work. This Gift That Gives More™ vaccinates and spays/neuters a street dog in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.


Report from the Field
June 2016

VSPCA has begun to carry out an awareness campaign for the publlic to understand the purpose of this project. Rabies has been eliminated in rural areas, which has significantly brought down complaints. They continue to revaccinate dogs throughout their program. Getting the population to a sustainable level of healthy, altered, and vaccinated dogs not only increases living standards for the dogs, but also decreases the spread of rabies among both dogs and people, and improves the dogs' standing among the local population. Donors like you have helped make this possible over the last year — thank you for continuing to work toward a better future for India's street dogs!

Last year, we made a special appeal to donors to contribute at the $1 level to combat a very serious rabies outbreak in Andhra Pradesh, and you responded. By late summer, VSPCA had vaccinated more than 12,000 dogs. In addition, VSPCA has started a new training program for dog catchers, teaching them how to use a more humane "butterfly net" method that is less frightening and harmful to the dogs than the standard pole-and-noose method previously used. VSPCA hopes to make this program a model for training in other Indian states. VSPCA has been working hard since 1996 to spay/neuter and vaccinate dogs to prevent the suffering of unwanted puppies and lessen the number of community dogs on the streets. Thank you for your compassion! The dedicated and tireless staff at VSPCA sends their heartfelt gratitude.

VSPCA provides employment for over 40 people from the surrounding villages, including many women working outside their homes for the first time. Its no-kill shelter compound is eco-friendly, transforming cattle dung into usable energy and making use of vermiculture and intelligent water storage techniques. VSPCA receives no grant funding for any of its wildlife projects, and relies on direct donations and support.

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