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Teenage mothers have the odds stacked against them – and their babies. Approximately 80% of teen moms drop out of school; their children are 10 times more likely to continue the cycle of poverty; their daughters are 83% more likely to become mothers by age 18. But in Chicago, many can gain the skills and work experience they need to defy those statistics at Bright Endeavors, where they learn to make hand-crafted soy candles using natural botanicals and reclaimed glass. They are also acquiring much more than knowledge.

This innovative non-profit social enterprise has a mission to guide young mothers to economic stability in partnership with New Moms Inc., where they receive housing, outreach, and life-style coaching to make positive life changes that lead to brighter futures for themselves and their children.

Jasmine is one of those shining success stories. "I became a mom at the age of 16. I didn't know much about the struggles I was going to face, but I made a promise to myself and my 3-year-old son that I would try, no matter what." She joined the employment training program and gained on-the-job experience at Bright Endeavors, where she saw potential in herself she'd never seen before. For the first time, she says, a career felt possible. "I went back to school and moved into my first apartment. I was fulfilling my promise....I felt hopeful about my future."

Now married with a second child, she is working a permanent job as Production Team Lead at Bright Endeavors. Jasmine is a leader for other young moms and, "on a mission to keep striving to exceed expectations!" Bright Endeavors and New Moms have helped over 3,000 moms like Jasmine over the past 30 years, with countless lives changed for the better – thanks to the supportive opportunities provided by the purchase of uplifting natural candles that light the way to a better tomorrow.

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