Nyoman Rely from Indonesia

Artisan Nyoman Rely "I was born in 1969 in Sukawati, Bali. My parents had a small shop selling groceries. I learned silver work from my father when I was still in elementary school. By senior high school, I was able to pay my school fees with the money I earned from silver work. I'm a married woman with two daughters and a son. My daughters study at the university while my son is in elementary school. Due to declining orders, my husband and I decided to split our work. He still works in silver while I ventured into stone carving. I learned carving stones from my friends. I bring my designs to life with the help of four stone carvers. I always involve elements of Balinese culture in my designs. We work principally with limestone brought from Java. We use traditional tools like hammers and chisels. My friend Wayan Suessen, a Novica-featured wood carver, introduced me to Novica. I hope you like my designs."

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