Neha Sharma from India

Artisan Neha Sharma "I was born and brought up in Delhi. I feel laughter is the best medicine. I've been designing for a few years now and I find my biggest inspiration in my parents. I learned the art of designing from them; they export clothing and I used to work with them. Every time I see a new collection, ideas to create something different run quickly through my head. One day, I designed a few garments and showed them to my parents. This is how my journey into the designing world started. I get a lot of inspiration from travel. My designs cater to all age groups. There is something for everyone and this is what I love about my designs. In one collection, I might have a young flirty dress and also have a very sober blouse for a married woman. When I'm not working, I dance. It's a great stress buster. I also love theater and have high hopes for making it big in that field as well. One day, I dream of having a small boutique to feature my own garments."

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