Roberta Benzi from Peru

Artisan Roberta Benzi "I was born in 1965 in the Bolivian department of La Paz. My father was a mechanical engineer, and my mother represented Bolivia as Miss Bolivia. From a young age, I've always been passionate about art. I paint, embroider, create original designs in fused glass, design jewelry, and restore antique pieces. I studied communication science, and finished my studies at Santiago de Chile. My quest for social justice was not met kindly when I returned to Bolivia, so I experimented until I found the area I enjoy most, designing jewelry. I owned a bridal studio for 12 years, designing wedding gowns and jewelry. Minorities' rights are important to me. I underwent gender reassignment and helped push Bolivia to amend a law relating to gender reassignment. I traveled to Lima, which captured me with its architecture and the sea. There, I began to specialize in jewelry production. My one constant companion through my life and struggles is jewelry. It is a part of me, and it allows me the freedom to express my feelings."

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