Peduli Bali from Indonesia

Artisan Peduli Bali "In 2009 we founded Peduli Bali to focus on responsibly recycling and managing waste. Tourism, so vital to Bali, impacts this island paradise by creating an enormous amount of trash for this small place. Peduli Bali brings a fresh solution. We run a waste management company, the only one on the island that provides services taken for granted in the West; reliable and responsible waste collection, recycling, composting, hazardous waste services, as well as upcycled glass products. The upcycled glass generates a significant part of our income. Our goal is to build a truly 'Zero Waste' system where waste is not waste but merely materials on the way to being used again and again and again. It is a tricky process to take traditional handicraft skills and transfer them to making upcycled glass. Not everyone can do it. But we are lucky to have a group of locals from the surrounding villages who have the skills. Steady,good paying work is difficult to find here. We hope to grow our company to add even more workers."

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