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From a boutique on the Boulevard de la Revolution in the heart of Kigali City, a young, dynamic brand called Inzuki Designs is leading a design revolution.

Inzuki Designs, founded by Teta Isibo who named it after the Kinyarwanda word for 'bees,' features a bold, innovative style that uses traditional materials crafted in contemporary styling by local artisans. Like bees, they work cooperatively and are creating an international buzz with fresh jewelry, fashion accessories, and home decor made by hand.

Inzuki partners with women like Bernadette, shown wearing a traditional dress. She is an award-winning artisan with 23 years of experience who uses traditional basket-weaving techniques to translate Inzuki's design concepts into modern pieces of jewelry.

Isibo studied urban planning in the United Kingdom, and returned to Rwanda to work in that field for a few years. Soon, however, her hobby and passion for designing jewelry took off as a business. Along with the increasing demand for her pieces, Isibo was encouraged by the growing global interest in handmade and ethically sourced products. Inzuki Designs continues to win awards and garner much-deserved attention for its fair-trade practices and support of Rwandan culture matched with innovation.

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