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2nd Story Goods helps people in Haiti swap a history of handouts for a system of enterprise. In the town of Jubilee by the Sea, the 2nd Story Goods staff and volunteers help foster artists' and craftspeople's abilities to create beautiful, useful items as well as sustainable lifestyles.

In the U.S., the team seeks out fair-trade retailers and non-profits as partners for promoting the success of the artisans who fashion necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more. Made from recycled materials -- they themselves granted a second story to tell -- as well as handmade elements, the one-of-a-kind jewelry offers a unique treasure for the wearer, plus lasting, meaningful support for Haitian artisans.

The Robin's Egg Necklace is created by artisans like Emanise, shown here. Always a smile on her face and hope in her heart, Emanise has an expert eye for putting colors together and loves to make beautiful things. The radiant life of the neighborhood, and a wife and devoted mother of six beautiful children, Emanise is also building her own small business alongside her home selling homemade food.

The Big O Necklace is handmade by 2nd Story Artisan Veronique, a young mom of three and a pastor's wife in the small community of Jubilee. In addition to a church, she and her husband have started a small school and she is always one to get the singing started while they work. She loves being able to help her family financially while working from home, and dreams of seeing her kids grow up strong and healthy.

The Ceramic Bead & Leather Wrap Bracelet is handmade by artisan Christianna. With her hilarious sense of humor and love of dance, Christianna's greatest thrill was paying off all her debt with the money she earned, enabling her to keep her kids in school, build a fence around her yard, and start her own vegetable garden. She is a delight to the women she works with, and, when there is a problem, she figures out a way to make it work.

The Terracotta Bead & Loop Earrings are created by artisan Angelina, a young mother who learned the art of jewelry making in early 2013. While her husband fishes to support their small but growing family, the income Angelina receives from jewelry making is a big help in keeping the family strong.

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