Sissi Bernal from Peru

Artisan Sissi Bernal "My full name is Sissi Bernal Ñaupa and I was born on May 20, 1978. My artistic formation is my family heritage, for my father has been a jewelry designer since he was 18 years old. I have a sister and a brother, and they too have followed in my dad's footsteps.

"My father taught me the same way his father taught him. I began by helping him, especially when he had big orders to fill. I remember how, on one occasion, my dad sat us down and began to teach us. At first I was somewhat reluctant, but soon I understood the art of this craft and that I was enjoying it. I liked the fact that I could design my own pieces, and that I could create a completely new design by changing just one little thing. I decided I wanted to create original, high quality jewelry that would make my father proud.

"We are all silversmiths, each specializing in one aspect. My father is the head; my siblings and I are the alloy.

"Every piece I make motivates me to keep on going, because I really like it. I like creating new things, I enjoy transforming the metal and express through this art the notion of quality and perfection.

"I've exhibited my designs on several occasions, proud of the admiring remarks from customers and seeing them wearing my creations.

"I'd like to thank Novica shoppers for this opportunity, and I hope you'll venture into wearing my designs, which are crafted by hand. Thank you for the opportunity of showing you the quality and beauty of our Peruvian jewelries."

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