Fermin Vilcapoma from Peru

Born in Lima, Peru, Fermin Vilcapoma learned the art of jewelry-making at a young age. His father, Fernando Vilcapoma, saw Fermin's enthusiasm for jewelry and taught him the art of silversmithing. Both the Vilcapomas have a passion for the art of jewelry, and there was never any doubt that Fermin showed great talent in the art. In 1982, Fermin took over the family business and began traveling around Peru to familiarize himself with different jewelry styles. In the beginning he worked alone in a small workshop, but eventually was able to take on some assistants, who he trains in jewelry-making. With the training, he hopes to pass on his passion for jewelry and give his assistants the skills to later open their own workshops.

Fermin says that his jewelry business is successful because "he has an innovative design, because he is always trying to see what is new on the market -- and he mixes that with the traditional style of the Peruvian world." Fermin now sells his jewelry all over the world, while providing economic opportunity for his employees. His hand-crafted jewelry pieces showcase his unmistakable talent and eye for singular design.

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