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"Hi friends, I am Parul and I was born and brought up in Delhi, India. I come from a traditional Indian family with rich cultural and traditional values. I have always been mesmerized by the richness and uniqueness of our Indian art and culture, especially jewelries. Traditional jewelries styles are so captivating!

"When I got married, I saw my dreams coming one step closer since my husband was already in the field of jewelry design. I used to help my husband design a style or two, until I came out with my own design style. I love every aspect of my work! Besides keeping me busy and occupied, it definitely provides us with a source of income.

"I have not taken any professional courses and whatever I know, is what I have learned from my husband and my own experience. I feel that a professional course is not always essential to achieving success. In the field of art, you have to have it in you, and work hard to achieve success.

"I design all my jewelries and experienced silversmiths help me craft them. I oversee each and every step. My designs are basically inspired by traditional Indian styles and setting, with a touch of modern elements. I have exhibited my jewelry collections at several emporiums, and I am pleased to say that people have admired my work."

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