Gianluca Anzani from Mexico

Artisan Gianluca Anzani

"Hi, my name is Gianluca and, though by birth I'm Swiss-Italian, I am Mexican at heart. Destiny brought me to Mexico in 1977 on a holiday, but I fell in love with the country and its people so I decided to stay. I live in the state of Michoacán and have two beautiful daughters.

"Having traveled extensively throughout Mexico, I've had the good fortune to meet talented artisans who have kindly taught me the secrets of their crafts. I now focus on silver jewelry -- you could say it's become my passion!

"I work with the lost-wax technique, whereby molten silver is poured into molds allowing the wax to flow out. When the products are shaped, I finish them off by hand. My work mirrors the experiences I have gained throughout my life. It is enriched by a blend of my European roots and those of this beautiful Mexican land."

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