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Artisan Maria Belen Nilson

"Hola! I was born in Argentina, and when I was 21, I left my country and moved to Mexico on my own and with nothing. I chose to come to Mexico because I have admired this country and its culture ever since I was very young. I fell in love with Mexico the moment I arrived, and I started teaching literature in Mexico City.

"After some years I moved to the state of Morelos, where I started doing handicrafts. I learnt about different crafting techniques, and about working with different materials.

"I met my husband in Morelos. He is a jewelry designer and we moved to Taxco after we got married. After my first daughter was born, we moved around the country. Eventually we moved back to Taxco, which is renowned as Mexico's 'Silver City.'

"I love this country, all of my designs are inspired by Mexico and Frida Kahlo. I really enjoy doing what I do, it comes from my deep love for Mexico, and for letting me be who I want to be.

"I have endured difficult situations in my life, like the death of my second daughter. But here is where I discovered my spiritual strength, and I learnt to go ahead following my heart. If you follow what your heart tells you, you will never be mistaken and you will get what you are looking for."

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