Lilly Rahmann from Thailand

Artisan Lilly Rahmann

"My name is Lilly Rahmann and I was born in Bangkok. I started learning arts and crafts at the age of four. The primary school, secondary school, and college that I attended specialized in the arts and crafts.

"My plans and life changed drastically when I married a Canadian and moved to Canada to start a flower import business. I was fortunate enough to learn the art of floral arranging from a world-renowned artist from France. He taught me how to use the natural colors, textures and shapes of flowers to mix and blend them into beautiful arrangements. When I started making my own jewelry in 2000, I used the same rules governing the art of floral arrangement to produce some interesting pieces.

"I enjoy working with many gems and crystals. I often try to match stones that are not often seen together to create something new. In the last few years, I have read extensively on the healing properties of gemstones and I now create many pieces with these properties in mind. I will not make jewelry when I am tired, sad or sick. I make jewelry only when I feel happy, creative, and peaceful so that I transmit only positive energy through the gemstones to the person wearing my designs. I want people who buy my jewelry to feel healthy and happy when they wear it."

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