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"My name is Agung Pribadi, but relatives and friends know me better as 'Denny.' I was born in 1962 in East Java and lived there until I graduated from high school. In 1983, I continued my studies at the university level and a few years later I decided to make my own journey in art and spirituality.

"I have lived in Bali since 1998, and I have spent my life in arts, spiritualism, and some social works. I design for interiors -- masks, silk batik, and even stationary items. However, something happened in 1994 that led me to learn more about silver jewelry. I bought a bracelet from a boutique as birthday present for my wife. Unfortunately, after three months the bracelet was broken. I never like to see my wife disappointed so I tried to make her a bracelet of my own design, and she loved it!

"Since that day I have made more designs as presents for family and friends. In 1998, I started to work more seriously in producing silver jewelry. My basic design seeks balance and minimalism, and sometimes I like to create opposite mirror images."

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