Ketut Taram from Indonesia

Artisan Ketut Taram

"My name is Ketut Taram and I was born in the Gianyar regency, Bali, in 1967. I learned how to create my first sculpture from my older brother, Made Mudiawan. From 1975 until 1990 I worked primarily in suar wood. Then, from 1990 until 2000, I made the sculptures from sandalwood. Lately, I enjoy sculpturing with both.

"I began carving on my own in 1992; before I'd worked together with my older brother, saving until I had enough money to open my own workshop. There are five people working with me now.

"Balinese culture and tradition inspire my artwork. As the son of Wayan Kicen, a wood carver, it is easy and enjoyable for me to transfer my imagination into my work.

"I have participated in several exhibitions around Bali. Through my art I do hope to provide a good life and a better future for my family, especially for my little child."

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