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Every Purchase Funds Alzheimer's Research.
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Each item you buy funds leading-edge Alzheimer's research.
Your purchase helps fund Alzheimer's research at University of Michigan.


Guatemalan Worry No More Doll

From $1.99
On Sale!

Help Where It's Most Needed

From $1.00

Free Ornament with Donation!

Dreamcatcher Earrings

One of our favorites!

Guatemalan Beaded Purple Paw Bracelet

One of our favorites!

Jewelry Gift Box

From $3.95
Additional sizes available...

Dragonfly Blues Tunic

From $22.99
On Sale!

Paw Print Holiday Pet Stocking

From $8.99
On Sale!

Paw Print Parade Shoelaces

From $3.00
Everyday Value!

St. Michael Military Medallion

One of our favorites!

Peaceful Pet Tag Silencer

From $3.99
On Sale!