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Goal: 15,000 Progress: 7,201
Sponsored by: The Alzheimer's Site

The cruel reality of a degenerative disease such as Alzheimer's is that it doesn't merely impact the patient who has been diagnosed. All too often, we forget the ripple effect such an illness has on the friends, loved ones, and family members surrounding the person with Alzheimer's. Many of these people are also caregivers directly responsible for keeping the patient safe and as healthy as possible.

Being a caregiver is one of the most incredibly challenging and generous acts of love any of us will ever perform on behalf of another. Fear, exhaustion, anger, depression, guilt, and grief are often part of the experience. Harboring negative feelings doesn't make the caregiver a bad person, but it can have a negative impact on their daily lives and long-term emotional well-being.

Caregivers need to be cared for as well. Sign and share this pledge today to honor a caregiver in your life and to raise awareness about the need for support networks that directly address the special needs of caregivers.

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I personally pledge to:

Recognize the incredibly difficult work of a caregiver in my life.

Remember that caregivers have special needs and stresses of their own, including fear, exhaustion, anger, depression, guilt, and grief.

Realize that I can take an pro-active role in helping to relieve these stresses by offering to help with personal errands, childcare, healthcare-related research.

Endeavor to offer a smile, hug, or kind word, whenever I see the occasion.

Use any opportunity I can to raise awareness about the needs of caregivers in my community.

Share this pledge with friends and family via social media or email and encourage them to pledge as well.

Petition Signatures

Jan 14, 2017 Sue Jackson
Jan 10, 2017 (Name not displayed) A Personal Pledge To Support A Caregiver In My Life!!!
Dec 30, 2016 julian zrnic <3
Dec 28, 2016 Carole Kubik
Dec 27, 2016 Denise Bennett
Dec 27, 2016 Wendy Scott My husband was my primary caregiver while my Lupus and mental health issues were at their most severe. I saw firsthand the many struggles and sacrifices he made to do this, often, thankless job and am more grateful to him than I can ever express.
Dec 27, 2016 Lydia Lafferty
Dec 27, 2016 maria sacco
Dec 23, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Dec 8, 2016 Manuel Davila Rodriguez
Dec 2, 2016 Jimmie Lynne Berry
Nov 28, 2016 knud thirup Thank you!
Nov 21, 2016 bill hughey
Nov 20, 2016 Bart Hawley
Nov 11, 2016 Waynetta Haynes
Nov 9, 2016 Paula Lewis
Nov 9, 2016 Karin Cohen
Nov 9, 2016 Carol Mentz I personally pledge to: Recognize the incredibly difficult work of a caregiver in my life. Remember that caregivers have special needs and stresses of their own, including fear, exhaustion, anger, depression, guilt, and grief.
Nov 9, 2016 Sharon Evans-Ford
Nov 8, 2016 Erin Cromer
Nov 4, 2016 Eve Delmonte
Nov 3, 2016 Mary Marx Praising God for allowing me the honor of being my mother's caretaker. What a blessing I received! Thank You Heavenly Father
Oct 30, 2016 Paul Ruthfield Caregivers give others a reason to live. They give of themselves to give "brightness" to those who need it.
Oct 25, 2016 Teresa King-Saiz
Oct 24, 2016 Patti Bandolin
Oct 23, 2016 Debbie Morgan
Oct 22, 2016 Bea Cohen
Oct 20, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Oct 16, 2016 Julia Honda
Oct 16, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Oct 16, 2016 DEBBIE Thrailkill In honor of my sister, Rhonda Pipkins & my two nieces, Allyson & Lauren Harper, who took wonderful, loving care of my Mother, Betty Webb in her courageous battle with Alzheimer's. Blessings to all caregivers.
Oct 16, 2016 June Matheson
Oct 16, 2016 Cheryl Rigby
Oct 16, 2016 Sue Ward GOD bless all caregivers
Oct 16, 2016 ANA MARIA
Sep 29, 2016 Darleen Bittner
Sep 25, 2016 Glenda Foreman
Sep 23, 2016 Kim Kensinger
Sep 6, 2016 Kelly ayers
Sep 5, 2016 Keith D'Alessandro
Sep 5, 2016 Natasha Moore
Sep 5, 2016 Anthony Hostetter
Sep 1, 2016 Marathon John D Gaffney I d love/want the politicians take a pledge that unpaid caregivers should/need to get PAID for taking care of elderly parents!! PS;Please Pass legislation/ make into law/bill on this!!
Aug 24, 2016 Joan Kearney My sister-in-law devoted 6 years to her Mother in her home, it is not easy!! We are so blessed to have had her near and willing to take on this responsibility.
Aug 24, 2016 Gary Gilardi
Aug 24, 2016 Sue Troutwine
Aug 23, 2016 Virginia Dempsey
Aug 20, 2016 María Galarce
Aug 18, 2016 Peach Santos Please help

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