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Alzheimer's Changes How You See

Dementia affects many parts of of the body as it progresses. In this video, a caregiver explains the visual changes that occur during dementia. Learn more!

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The Alzheimer's Awareness Blog

Gadget1For One California Teen, Inspiration is the Real Mother of Invention

Kenneth Shinozuka remembers the night when a police officer arrived at the family home with his grandfather in tow. The elderly Alzheimer’s patient was clad only in his pajamas and had no recollection of his recent walk down the middle of a nearby freeway. Kenneth, now a high school junior, could have allowed the unnerving...

MemoryCats1This Classic Broadway Song Still Brings Tears to My Eyes!

Memories are powerful things. They sustain us and help give our lives context and purpose. When we lose them, it’s a deep and terrible tragedy. This moving performance of the song Memory from the musical Cats stars Elaine Paige as Grizabella and Veerle Casteleyn as Jemima. It’s a moving tribute to the elderly and the...

Thai InsuranceThis Is One Of The Most Heart Warming Videos…I Still Have Chills. What A Great Message.

If you watch one thing today, this should be it. Thai Life Insurance company made a beautiful commercial that shows rewards don't always have to be tangible. In fact, sometimes the greatest reward in life is getting to witness happiness. Grab your tissues and watch the video below!

Neuroplasticity1Will You Lose Your Memory When You Get Old?

If you’re over 30 years old, your brain slowly shrinks a little less than 0.5% each year. That might not seem like much when you’re young, but each year’s loss can add up over time. Fortunately, there IS something you can do to combat this loss. Our brains are able to adapt as they learn...

MusicGlenCampbell1Learn What Helped Slow Glen Campbell’s Alzheimer’s Progression!

Alzheimer's is still a disease shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding. We still don't know what causes it or what exactly we can do to prevent the disease.

Provide Needed Care for Alzheimer's Patients
When a family is unable to afford a caregiver, or the caregiver needs to take personal time, ExtraCare is just the place to find affordable care and mental stimulation for those affected by Alzheimer's. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ will enrich the lives of people dealing with Alzheimer's disease or related conditions by providing opportunities for social, physical, mental, and creative activities. Thank you!

Help families touched by Alzheimer's get the care their loved ones need.

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